The Emotions of Job Change

The Emotions of Job Change
by Dave Archibald

Changing jobs is exciting and challenging at the same time. You need to manage your career carefully. It can be frustrating and you need to stay focused. It is said that switching companies is right up there with moving, the birth of your new child, marriage and even death. Many of you have heard me say, “You will have no job prospects for what seems an eternity and then all of a sudden three things pop, so stick with it!”

If you have recently been laid off the key thing is to get after it right away. Sure take a little time to rejuvenate, but I wouldn’t take more than two weeks. Some guru says it takes a month to find a job for every $10,000 you make, but if you get out and get after it that theory need not apply. It sounds cliché, but treat your search like your job and you will land a lot quicker.

Remember it’s about GETTING AN OFFER, so get a few steps into the interview process with a company to make an educated decision.

Also, remember when you find a job that the process can be difficult and try to be more empathetic and dare I say sympathetic to others going through it especially when you are back on the other side of this thing and hiring someone again!

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