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Why one gets a job:

  • Right skill set
  • Demonstrates a high level of interest ( a tie breaker if it comes to that)
  • They believe you are a good fit
  • They believe you can contribute to building the business

Skill Set—how to communicate it:

Come up with the most outstanding accomplishments in the following areas.  Think of scoring a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

  • Leadership
  • Results oriented (found an opportunity and captured it)
  • Strategic thinker
  • Quantitative skills
  • Consumer & business insight

How to answer a question and communicate the Skill Set above:
(in this order, answers must be complete, quick and to the point)

  • What was the situation?              Situation ↓
  • What did I do?                             Action   ↓
  • What were the results?                Results  ↓

Summarize current company’s product categories in terms of the 4 P’s:

  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Product
  • Place

Communication tips:

  • Rambling means I do not know how to answer the question.
  • If you don’t know answers, pause and think.  You don’t need to fill empty space.
  • If interrupted, it usually means they do not understand.
  • Avoid self-serving needs, e.g. Want to move to Florida.

Case study questions:

  • Not looking for me to solve the problem.
  • They want to know how I think.
  • Always go back to 4 P’s.


How you answer these questions is just as important as what you say:

  • Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses. Find weaknesses most people have.
    e.g. Work too hard.  Did not delegate much, now doing it more, and finding myself more productive.  Do not say that I turned it into a strength.
  • Why are you leaving?  State positive factors at the current company and your role. However, points like the company is not growing… opportunities are shrinking… not keeping pace with other companies in its class.
  • Why do you want to join us?  Pick out something positive from recent activity, acquisitions, growing.   Something that is positive about the company that you felt was lacking in the old company.