Take time-consuming hiring off your plate with just one phone call. We leave you with more of your valuable time while keeping you abreast of the top Sales, Sales Management and Marketing talent in the country through our extensive proprietary national data base and associate offices in every major city. Our client list is comprised of Fortune 1000 companies, as well as a select number of high growth, small to medium-sized firms in the Consumer Packaged Goods/Food Service, as well as the B2B, Medical and Industrial arenas.

As a client, you will have access to many successfully employed individuals who are either not on the open market or would not jeopardize their current positions by responding to employer advertisements/job boards. Our candidates come from our proprietary national database, highly regarded industry referrals, extensive trade show contacts or can be sourced for your specific needs. Your key positions can now be filled anywhere in the nation. Whether it be a VP of Sales search in the West or a Product Manager in the Northeast, we will give you aggressive and highly personalized service — service measured by results and customer satisfaction.

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