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The Eldridge Group is connected with what’s happening nationally in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing. We have over 30 years of search experience placing with the industry leaders, as well as a select number of high growth, small to medium-sized firms. Whether you want to learn from a Fortune 1000 company or go help write the book with a smaller, high growth firm, we have the clientele.

While you do your job, we’ll do ours by keeping you abreast of the top career opportunities in the USA through our extensive national network and associate offices in every major city.

Another Eldridge Group trademark is our truly personalized service. WE TAKE EVERY PHONE CALL and pride ourselves on that fact, which is very rare in today’s email-only culture! We not only keep you informed, but also help keep your spirits up during your search by applying The Golden Rule. This too is very helpful Employment Help.

Click here for The Interview Road Map, which helps you navigate your way through the entire interview process. Click here for The Emotions of Job Change, which helps you understand the ups and downs of looking for another position.

If you are tired of the corporate scene and looking to take your career in your own hands with something truly entrepreneurial ask us about “Exit Strategy.”

Start your search process by calling Dave Archibald at 847.295.4800 or email