Keeping Talent Engaged

Four Ways to Keep Your Top Candidates Engaged
How many candidates have you lost in the interview process? What can you do keep their attention so your top candidates stay engaged? Following the four suggestions below will increase your probability of landing the elite candidate in a competitive playing field.

Strike Quickly

If interested in a candidate you need to move quickly, so schedule a second interview on the spot or at least within one week of the initial interview. This will keep the positive momentum going and interest level high. Candidate interest can diminish quickly over a short period time.

Also, your sense of urgency/focus should not end once a candidate has accepted your offer. Candidates who have accepted a position can still be counter-offered or wooed by your competitor if you allow a month between acceptance and start date and then you have to start over. I’ve even had the candidate’s references offer positions once they find out their ex-employee is looking!

Stay in contact

In the event that scheduling a prompt second interview is not possible (i.e. the hiring authority has to attend a trade show or meeting), at the very least maintain phone contact and keep the candidate informed, so they remain engaged in your opportunity. This is something we are very good at and can greatly help you with. It is especially important to be in contact with the candidate who has accepted but not given notice. Their current employer will probably try to cast doubt as to whether the move is really in the candidate’s best interest, and then you may have to start over.

Make your Recruiter a Resource

Within 24 hours, alert your recruiter as to which candidates you are interested in. A bond is often developed between recruiter and candidate. We know our clients so we are in a position to counsel our candidates why this opportunity would be a good fit. Furthermore, candidates are more likely to tell their recruiter than their potential new boss the concerns they may have about the client company. A good recruiter will also be aware of the other options the candidate is considering.

Be the Candidate

At one time all managers were candidates. Reflect back on your own interviewing process. The best way to build rapport with candidates is to think like a candidate. Regardless of initial interest, candidates may pull themselves out of a process that requires taking off work for four interviews in two weeks because the process jeopardizes their current job situation. Candidates told to expect a phone call from the hiring manager will grow anxious when their phone doesn’t ring and accept other offers, and then you have to start over. Remember this is number 1-10 on their plate, while it may be 10 on yours. Try to remain empathetic, their whole family is waiting to hear if dad/mom got the job, so keep things moving at the offer stage.

“You heard it here first…HUMAN CAPITAL is a horrible term…you are not hiring a forklift! We are talking about HUMAN BEINGS!” Dave Archibald

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