Our Three-Step Recruiting Process


Our first step is to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and expectations. The following are some of the steps we employ to gain the knowledge necessary to succeed at filling our client’s needs:

  • Define the core competencies of the position through discussion with human resources and hiring managers. Develop a targeted candidate search profile.
  • Understand the corporate culture and our client dynamics to understand personality characteristics that will succeed.
  • Assist in developing a compensation plan to attract exceptional candidates leveraging our knowledge of the industry and past compensation examples.
  • Identify why the recruited candidate would want to come out of his/her “Comfort Zone” to accept a position.


We begin our searches by leveraging our extensive proprietary national database to identify candidates who have significant specific expertise. We pride ourselves in discovering unique candidates by:

  • Selecting the scope of companies from which to recruit based on our extensive database, previous industry knowledge, research and proprietary network of contacts, influencers and sources.
  • Presenting our client’s opportunities with the utmost professionalism. By keeping our candidates informed of all aspects of the available opportunity, we introduce the most qualified, interested candidate to our clients.
  • Interviewing targeted candidates. We generally interview 50 to 100 candidates from our database and referrals to identify 10-15 top candidates. We maximize our client’s time by selecting the top five candidates for interviews.

Manage to Close

The Eldridge Group manages the entire process allowing our clients to receive immediate information which is important when making the decisions on which candidates to move forward. The key steps are:

  • Submit initial candidates as benchmarks after which we update and fine-tune our screening criteria based on benchmark feedback. Refine criteria and submit candidates with additional pre-defined information.
  • Facilitate the interview process for phone screens and face-to-face interviews. Manage candidate and client timing to ensure the interview process moves forward.
  • Manage feedback throughout the process to clarify changes and concerns from either the candidate or our client. Inform candidates if they are not being asked to continue with the interview process.
  • Follow-up to conduct any further interviews to ask additional questions our clients may have regarding particular candidates.
  • Work closely with our clients during the sensitive salary negotiation stage.
  • Manage candidates through their resignation to start date.

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